Here you can find out about the terms of service or the terms and conditions governing the deal between you and the Almasry Host Company Please read the terms carefully and we welcome your inquiry


Agreement Terms
This is an Unofficial translation and The Arabic version is the basis

1- Prevent sites that violate the Islamic religion, which contains images or sections are notmoral.

2- Preventing websites that are against the Egyptian state policy or that incite racism or hatred.

3- Prevent sites specialized in hacking or lessons or explanations.

4- prohibited upload the patches, viruses, shell scripts, hackers and the like, and any files that harm the server on the site.

5- In the case of the use of the software Stolen on the client's site The client's location was reported The client must license or use the free software. If the Client refuses, the Company shall have the right to close the Site and take all actions that relieve the Company from liability in this regard.

6- In the case of lifting the contents of sexual or silences or Millerat or penetration tools or speak in an inappropriate manner with the management or employees of the company The company's management may immediately close the site and open it only after payment of the specified fine, without prejudice to the right of the company to take all legal measures against the violating customer.

7- If you breach some or all of the terms of this Agreement (except for the previous clause), the first time the site is closed is a warning And in the second time apply the fine and does not open the site only after payment and without exceptions, And in the third time the client must transfer his site to another company after payment of double the fine so that we can provide the backup for him.

8- In any case, we are not allowed to speak with the service providers in an inappropriate manner or threaten them or defame them or by the company either by hinting or clarifying. In this case, we apply the penalty of closing the site and not providing a backup for the intended customer until after paying a fine of 500 Egyptian pounds In the event that the customer owns more than one site or service at the company, the said penalty may be signed on each site or service according to the mistakes made in the right of the company or its representative.

9- Your request for, communication with, or communication with any of the Company's services constitutes your express consent to your reading of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Company and to their understanding of, and understanding of,.

10- Your registered email is your contact form and you must notify the company to update it whenever necessary. All messages sent to it are valid unless there are errors in transmission from the company..

11- The end-client must have a hosted period To inform us of his desire to renew or not Within a maximum period of 10 days after receiving the renewal email from us,And only displays its location for deletion in a final wayWe are not required in this case to provide any backup for the site.

12- Dealing with us is via e-mail only (, and we have no relation to any other email and therefore do not take responsibility for dealing with it.

13- The fines provided for in this Agreement shall be as follows.



The terms of the agreement are subject to change at any time and the client is notified of his authorization when modified
You are not allowed to tell us that you have not read or learned the laws and When you Contravene the agreement one of these laws you will pay the fine
Sites that will raise the load on the server will be the warning and closing

Any notifications sent to you on the e-mail are presumed to be known without warning of not reading the e-mail