Our archiving and SEO work is based on a great experience of the specialized team in this field and based on many of our business secrets which distinguish us from others.



  • Publishing the site in all the world search engines and most important [ google و yahoo و msn ]
  • creat forum maps and send them to all search engines
  • Activate generate and renew maps and send them automatically to search engines
  • Create a robots.txt file that is fully compatible with search engines
  • Modified template templates for the forum in accordance with the search engines
  • Activation of the H1 & H2 tags inside the sections and topics
  • Activation of the tags within the topics
  • Activate rss feed

  • Create links to all sections of your site in the footer to spiders to reach the sections in a simplified way
  • Prevent spiders from accessing external links on site to keep the beige Rank
  • Activate favorite publishing sites at the bottom of the topics
  • Activate similar topics under topics
  • Activate the (previous - next) feature below the topics and it is very useful to increase the internal links
  • Repeat the display of the subject name in the replies in the topic page
  • Installing a hack (seo_topic) to save your site rights and increase internal links
  • Installation of Hack vbseo latest version and prepared professionally
  • Hack generator installation maps and preparation
  • Increase the strength of the topic name by deleting the site name from the Browse Page title page

  • Strengthen daily archives of your site
  • Add your site to 150 active Arabic directories (most of the guides are in your Pagerank)
  • Publish your forum link under a text word in 20 blogs (Increase Your Page Rank and Pac Linux)
  • Add your site to 10 RSS feed directories

    • In addition to many of the secrets of our work and you will see the results thanks to God

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